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Opening a virtual office space leverages technology to increase productivity, flexibility, and efficiency. Without the albatross of a physical office hanging around your neck, you can still have a desirable address, plus you can perform all your business functions remotely.

Here are seven reasons your online company needs to rent a virtual office before it’s too late The risks of failing to meet the demands of the dynamic eCommerce era are dire, so don’t be caught flat-footed. With a virtual office, standing at the helm of an online business will be smooth sailing.

Real estate is expensive

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the cost to rent office space remains sky-high. So, opening a virtual office and storefront is much more cost-effective than leasing a brick-and-mortar location. Even a traditional retail business may be better off with a virtual location rather than a physical space.

At a minimum, maintaining a strong online presence is essential as tides continue to shift and eCommerce remains firmly in the driver seat when it comes to consumer shopping. Factor in the costs of things like staffing, security, and utilities, and the viability of a physical office space becomes murkier when compared to the benefits of a virtual office.

Flexibility and adaptability

A retail location has inherent limits on how easily it can adapt. For a simple example, if you want to change your marketing approach, a physical location will require new signage, new paints, and many hours of physical labor to complete the conversion.

On the contrary, a virtual office can change directions with a few clicks of a mouse. Prepare your marketing materials well in advance and deploy them when ready. Make changes when your store’s leads seem to dry up. Remain flexible to allow yourself to deal with current events and to make changes on the fly quickly without bringing out a sledgehammer or a new neon sign.

The office is always open

Setting up a virtual office means having a receptionist that never takes a break. Nothing is more frustrating for customers to arrive at a location and see a sign in the window that says ‘closed early’ or ‘out to lunch.’ With a virtual receptionist, all those concerns evaporate.


A virtual office is efficient by design. You don’t have to sit in the meeting room and wait for a co-worker because of a delayed train. Instead, set appointments online, meet in a virtual workspace, and keep travel times and other wasteful practices common to a physical office to a minimum.

Plus, as we’ve all learned over the last few years, it often makes sense to stay home when you’re sick. With a virtual office, you can still get quite a bit of work done even while you’re at home in your pajamas fighting off a case of sniffles. Maintaining …….


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